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About Us

Eat Healthily, Work Naturally and Cultivate Optimism. 

Farming Hero eStore is a health food store that sells fresh local produce and health food products. Farming Hero has been founded and established since 15th October 2019. We constantly strive to bring the best online shopping experience to our valued customers which is in line with our motto, the 5 wells: Eat Well, Exercise Well, Work Well, Clean Well & Sleep Well. 

The company is registered under Farming Hero PLT (LLP0021895-LGN). 

Our Products 

Shop with us 100% Quality

We are bringing you the premium Honey and all kinds of health food products, which are hand-picked by our in-house professionals and trend-setters. All our products will go through rigorous quality control prior to shipping, as we understand the frustration of receiving a faulty item.

At Farming Hero, we have the right formula for what you are searching: High quality Honey, Low prices, Fast shipping and Customer support. These features are what sets us apart from the rest.

Have a question? Chat with one of our friendly customer service staff. We are here to assist and to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for our customers. Send us an email for business through and we will get back to you within one business day.